About Beba Creations


I founded Beba Creations to pursue my passion as an artist and bring to life my creative ideas.  Beba describes someone who is both carefree and humble, whose work is passionate, sincere and flows from the heart.  My art comes from a Beba spirit, which is the engine of my creativity.

What sets us apart from other design firms is that Beba Creations is an organically homegrown studio from the UAE. The entire process from idea, design sketch to the final finish of a piece is completed in our design studio in Abu Dhabi.  Practically all of the materials used in our creations are secured from within a 100 mile radius. From the camel leather used for our furniture to the beautiful red sand from the Al Ain desert, metal from the local scrap yards to the recycled wood, we make sure that we utilize what is locally available in a responsible and sustainable way. 

My vision is to create custom made one of a kind rustic modern art fixtures.  I start with an idea and visualize how I would like the finished piece to look.  I believe functionality comes before all else, to a point that design becomes a component of functionality. As I work, I give my materials warmth and purpose.  When fixtures are illuminated they become vibrant and alive.  My goal is create pieces that are always functional to the process of creating is only complete once my relentless passion for perfection is satisfied.

At design days I will be featuring a variety of my unique hand crafted light fixtures as well as some pieces of my new concrete furniture line.

Tariq Riaz

Chief Executive Officer

Tariq Riaz  CEO Beba Creations

Tariq Riaz CEO Beba Creations