Tariq riaz

I founded Beba creations to pursue my passion as an artist and bring to life my creative ideas.  Beba describes someone who is both carefree and humble, whose work is passionate, sincere and flows from the heart.  My art comes from a Beba spirit, that is the engine of my creativity.

I work with wood, resin, metal and concrete respecting their own unique qualities.  Sustainability is key and staying true to its essence, I use reclaimed wood, metal and natural oils.  I allow each work of art to unfold naturally, with the various elements complementing one another into a final sculptural form. 

My vision is to create custom made one of a kind rustic modern art fixtures.  I start with an idea and visualize how I would like the finished piece to look.  As I work, I give my materials warmth and purpose.  When fixtures are illuminated they become vibrant and alive.  The process of creating is only complete once my relentless passion for perfection is satisfied. 


When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
— Rumi